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Divorce / Dissolution

There is empirical evidence that a divorce is one of the most devastating and destructive events that can happen in the life of an adult, parent, or a child.  In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe examined over 5,000 medical patients to determine whether stressful events can cause illness.  The research showed a positive correlation between the stress scale scores and illness.  For adults, only the death of a spouse was rated higher than divorce in creating such stress.  For children, only three other life circumstances, one being the death of a parent,   produced more stress than the divorce of their parents. 

 Due to the financial, emotional, parental, and standard of living implications of a divorce, for both parents and children, having competent representation is essential.  You need an attorney experienced in the areas of domestic relations, child custody, and child support.   I not only have that experience, but unlike many other competent divorce attorneys I have been through a divorce and custody battle on a personal level.  Therefore, I not only know the law, but I understand the stress and emotional difficulty you will encounter during the pendency of the divorce or custody proceedings.


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